CSS3 for formatting books


村上 真雄 (MURAKAMI Shinyu),
Lead developer of Antenna House Formatter

(This presentation was done at W3C CSSWG Seoul F2F 2014)

about me, and Antenna House Formatter

How the Antenna House Formatter was born


A user case: IRS publications

CSS3, Paged Media etc.

Books made with CSS formatting, an example

『W3C技術ノート 日本語組版処理の要件』 (W3C Technical Note: Requirements for Japanese Text Layout; Japanese Print Edition)

W3C Japanese Layout Taskforce

ISBN978-4-501-55020-2 C3004

This book was formatted by Antenna House Formatter with XHTML+CSS(for print).

O'Reilly books, made with CSS formatting

O'Reilly Media books (an example: EPUB 3 Best Practices) are made with XHTML5+CSS formatting (with Antenna House Formatter) since 2012 (they used XSL-FO before)

For making ebooks and print books simultaneously

Atlas—O'Reilly's digital publishing system

Antenna House developed CAS-UB, independently

I want Web browsers with good CSS paged media support

W3C CSS standardization is so important